Advertising Abroad

January 2nd As my career aspirations are to go into advertising, I decided to pay close attention to how different countries executed their ads.  I honestly expected many of the advertisements to be done in a similar fashion as they are in the United States, with a taste of different culture of course.  What I […]

Another Day, Another Fjord

October 2 – October 3 We arrived a little before 22:00 at our hostel in Laerdal after Bergen and after the miserable night on the bus before, we were all exhausted and ready to go to sleep.  We got into our cabin, made our beds and watched a little bit of TV before crashing.  Sleep […]


September 30 – October 4 Each year, ESN Norway puts on a fjord adventure trip for all ESN students participating at Norwegian Universities.  Students from University of Agder campuses (Grimstad and Kristiansand), Stavanger and Bergen all traveled to Laerdal to see the city of Bergen and surrounding areas, like Flam. It was an incredible opportunity […]


September 18 Born and raised in Oregon, I am no stranger to hikes and appreciating nature.  Coming to Norway has shown me a whole new level of respect for nature and amazement at what the world looks like. Cheesy statement? Sure! But it’s very true. I’m constantly impressed at what there is to see here […]


September 17th There are many opportunities here to become more appreciative to nature as well as have fun with others who also appreciate natural views and historical towns.  It’s crazy how young the United States is compared to the countries over here in Europe and it’s awesome to think that there are people who have […]